Soap and Towel Dispensers Gauteng

Soap and Towel Dispensers Gauteng

When looking for top of the range soap and towel dispensers in Gauteng you will undoubtedly come across Supreme Hygiene. We stock a wide range of some of the finest bathroom hygiene supplies in South Africa and will ensure that all of your washroom hygiene needs are catered to. Cross contamination between staff members in the work place is a major cause of companies suffering a loss due to sick days taken. By increasing the hygiene in your bathrooms and general work place you can avoid this situation and in fact improve productivity.

Our soap and towel dispensers in Gauteng play an integral part of bathroom hygiene systems. Soap dispensers can be provided in manual and sensor format. They usually contain an antibacterial or hygiene soap which promotes health. Towel dispensers usually dispense paper towels for drying hands which means that there is no need to have damp towels with possible germ contamination present in the bathroom. They also eliminate the need to be constantly replacing wet towels with dry ones.

At Supreme Hygiene we stock a variety of both the Excel and Family Affair ranges of soap and towel dispensers. We will not only supply you with these items of equipment and the products to stock them, but will also professionally install them and maintain them for the months and years to follow. This ensures that you get to focus on business while we take care of your bathroom hygiene needs. We present our clients with a range of products and services that offer value for money and absolute product quality.

One of our major focuses is satisfying our customers. We take it upon ourselves to learn of your needs and requirements and ensure that those needs are met, at a cost-effective rate. We supply, install and maintain soap and towel dispensers in Gauteng to a broad market.

We only take on a select number of clients in order to ensure that each one of them is able to receive the attention to detail and quality of service that they deserve. We have many years of experience in the hygiene products and equipment supply market and guarantee nothing but the very best to our client base.

When seeking out the most reliable and cost-effective soap and towel dispensers in Gauteng take the time to consider our range. Chat to one of our friendly consultants about the options available to you and allow for us to take care of the health and hygiene in your company bathrooms or washroom.


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